Drug Testing Nationwide

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Ensure your employees are drug free and ready to work with our drug testing services. About 85% of our customers utilize us for pre-employment testing.

Random drug testing

We can administer random testing for any company. Simply send us a list of your employees’ numbers and we’ll put them in our database. Once they’re in our database, we’ll randomly select each employee based on your specific requests. We do not charge extra for this particular service.

Most states do not require random tests. However, anybody can cleanup for a pre-employment test and later get dirty on the job. Hence, the reason for random testing.

Post-Accident Testing

When an employee is involved in an accident, we can provide a post-accident test.

Additional Services

  • Total Turnkey Administration of Employer Certification Programs in states with an incentive such as the Georgia Drugs Don’t Work program
  • 7 .5% discount on annual Worker’s Comp Insurance Premium
  • Random Drug Testing
  • Breath Alcohol Testing – DOT approved
  • Seminars – Focusing on recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Hair Testing
  • Saliva Testing
  • Urine Testing

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